6100, Kazanlak, Bulgaria

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About Us

We have grown oleaginous rose for 15 years now. Our plantations and distillery are situated in the rose valley at the village of Buzovgrad, which is one kilometer away from the town of Kazanlak.

We offer exclusively harmless products, controlled by an organic produce certificate, too. The roses are not treated with artificial fertiliser, are not sprayed with noxious pesticides. For the growing we use only organic manures and preparations. 

The true natural and organic products are better for your body and for the environment. The unique scent of rose water is due to the combination of 100% natural ingredients. Rose water has been known from remote antiquity as an anti-inflammatory, softening and cleaning agent.

Rose water tones, refreshes and moistens the skin; it also soothes the skin in rashes and allergy. As we do not use chemicals in rose growing, such as mineral fertilisers or plant protection chemicals, the water can also be drunk and it is an ideal remedy for cleansing the body. 

We therefore turn out and sell products of superior quality. Rose water is derived from the fresh flower immediately after harvesting and it is processed in our distillery. 

Our rose water is prepared through direct distillation of the Rosa Damascena flowers, and not as a side product derived from the oil production, as is the case with most floral waters. This results in a very high quality water. 

All products that we sell are certified as organic and bear the mark of the relevant certification body.

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