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Rosa Damascena

Rosa Damascena is traditionally grown at the Rose Valley in Central Bulgaria.

There could hardy be another natural product to have such a beneficial effect on the body health. The large variety of alcohols makes the rose oil and water ideal antibacterial agents. This industry is yet to flourish in our country, because the products are derived only in a natural way; artificial diamonds can be made, artificial rose oil no.

In the valleys at the foot of the Balkan Mountains people say: if your belly aches, lick the vial. If you have a purulent wound, rub on it rose water. If you feel aches in the kidneys, the head, if you have troubles with the nerves, or allergy – the rose can be a cure for every sickness.

People in Asia, and especially in China and Japan, are very attached to Bulgarian rose related products. Alexander of Macedon was fascinated with the rose during his campaigns in the East, and his warriors brought on their way back to the Balkans stalks of that fragrant flower.


Although it is much of a cliché, it is nevertheless a truth – the rose is a symbol of Bulgaria, and perhaps also of the Bulgarian woman – beautiful though thorny. Not the greenhouse rose is concerned here however, but the true one, possessing a strong and specific flavour. The Bulgarian rose continues to be in high demand and greatly appreciated by global cosmetic and perfume giants, such as Kenzo, Cacharel, Channel, Carolina Herrera, Yves Saint Laurent and many more.

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