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Rose Water

Medicine has been experimenting successfully for years with the rose products, and the results turn out to be astonishing. Creams, gels, drops, lotions and syrups make up the arsenal of doctors and pharmacists.

The rose water has anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to the content of some quantity of rose oil dissolved in it, the water disinfects and has antibacterial effect.

Rose water is an ideal food additive, lending a unique flavour to energising teas, soft drinks, various desserts. Rose water can flavour culinary delicacies: cream “malebi”, “ashure” wheat dessert, coffee, tea, Turkish delight, candies and many other sweet delights.

Its chemical characteristics are closely related to the geographical features of the area, and they distinguish it from those produced in other parts of the world.

The areas where the rose thrives best are those of Kazanlak, Karlovo, Strelcha, Peshtera and Bratsigovo. The borders are comprised between the towns of Sliven and Klisura to the east and west, and between the Balkan Mountains and the Sredna Gora Mountains to the north and the south. Those are the borders of the Rose Valley, which covers  approximately 100 square kilometers. It features the best climatic conditions: proper soil, mild winter and, when the crop is to be harvested, moderate rainfalls, which make oil to be amassed in the rose flowers.

The secret of obtaining high quality lies in the big temperature amplitudes existing at the foot of those mountains in May and June, when the harvesting campaign is going on. The nights are cold, while in daytime it is hot. This circumstance stresses the rose during its blossoming and it begins to secrete more oil. The larger the amplitudes are, the more the petals are impregnated and the precious ingredients of the oil increase. The Bulgarian rose water contains nearly 280 miraculous natural ingredients: alcohol, tannins, resinous and mucous substances, glucoses, which dissolve in a natural way and have a beneficial effect on the people.



For comparison the Turkish water, which has been of late our main competitor, has nearly 30% fewer components.

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